Liturgy / Worship

St. Joseph Church has always been a shining example of how hospitality can grow a community where everyone is truly welcomed and loved for their gifts, whatever those gifts may be. While the Society of the Divine Savior founded this parish as a mission for Blacks in 1952, today our membership includes a number of distinctly different cultures. 

An awareness of giftedness is necessary and useful to our liturgical life. We all have been given gifts bestowed by God, and unity in diversity is one of the marvels He has given to the Church. Through Jesus, we are able to find the prime example of how to live in community and claim our giftedness. By coming together as different cultures while maintaining our beliefs and by sharing the love of Christ, we are able to share hopes, dreams, and fears as true companions on the journey.

We invite you to consider joining one of our liturgical ministries. Please contact Fr. Joseph Lubrano at 256-534-8459 for more information.