St. Joseph Church

The first church at 2300 Beasley Ave was in the Beasley Mansion that Fr. Messmer founded.

The next church that was built on the current site is what we now call Beasley Hall and is part of Holy Family School. This church eventually became a gymnasium and then was renovated into the current Beasley Hall.

In 1963, a new church was built which is now the east side of St. Francis Hall. Two years later, the west side was built in a mirror-image of the east side. Many people, upom initially entering the east side thought there was a wall of mirrors behind the Altar. This was St. Joseph Church between 1965 and 2010.

The new St. Joseph Church project started in 2002 as a project to look into expanding the current church at the time. This was found to not be economically feasible so a project to byuild a new church was initiated. The new church was completed and dedicated on November 6, 2010 by Bishop Baker and Bishop Foley.


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