St. Francis Hall (SFH)

Before becoming St. Francis Hall, this building was occupied by the church 1965-2010. 

Once the new church was completed in 2010, what is now St. Francis Hall went unoccupied for about 4 years whicle discussions were held on what to do with the building. Options such as converting it to a new parish Office, or to a Parish Hall were discussed. It was also discussed whether the buiilding should be kept or demolished. Eventually it was decided the buillding would be repurposed and become the Parish Center and would be named St. Francis Hall. 

The project was completed in two phases. The west phase was first and was renovated into two classrooms with movable walls and storage rooms. The east phase was completed in 2016 and housed a kitchen, two restrooms and an A/V system. This project also purchased all new windows and new window coverings for SFH.

SFH also has a covered drivethru that can be used to access the church as well during inclement weather.  It is connected to the church by a breezeway with access from both front and back parking lots.

Both phases were completed without a construction loan from the Diocese.