The new Holy Family School, Phase 1, has been under construction for two weeks. The before and after photos show the dramatic changes that have taken place in just that time. 


Before and after view from Wilson Drive looking toward Beasley Hall

Before After


Before and after photos along Bell / Lee Drive

Before After

Completed activities include:

1. Removal of the tree line separating the Beasley and Bell Ave properties

2. Cleanup of the underbrush and trees on the Bell Ave property

3. Removal and disposal of the overhang covering the west entrance to Beasley Hall

4. Removal of the old barbecue pits

Later this week, we’ll see:

5. The start of digging out the foundation for the new school

6. Mulching of the trees and brush that have been taken down

The completion date of the school will be determined based on the availability of electrical switchgear that is normally a long-lead item.