Please read the attached decree from Bishop Raica on the dispensation from the Mass obligation. The previous dispensation was set to expire on September 6, 2020. Because COVID-19 rates remain high and there is still a great deal of concern, Bishop Raica has decided to extend the dispensation through November 22, 2020, the last Sunday of the current liturgical year. 

However, please note that Bishop Raica challenges "those who have not yet returned to the practice of the sacraments yet have assumed similar risks (such as eating out in restaurants, doing non-essential shopping, going to the beach or on other travel/vacations, visiting more with family and friends, etc.) to begin finding their way back to church also.  We need the unique graces that the sacraments offer -- now, more than ever." 

Thank you.

Fr. Joe

Dispensation Decree 08-19-2020.pdf


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